Identity Construction builds contemporary, modern and southwestern traditional architecture. Our architectural background allows us to collaborate with field conditions in order to achieve the finest design. We manage the entire project with respect to finishes, specialty consultants, budget and schedule. Through this collaboration we strive to produce architecture that is unique and a final product that is beyond expectations of the client.

Our structures reflect the uncompromising standards of consistency and quality. Providing the finest workmanship and materials available, we guarantee the integrity of each project with customer satisfaction as the highest priority. Established in 2004, our long term relationships with our clients has been the foundation of our success.


Every client is looking for a unique style and design that will fulfill their desire for the project. We take great pride in working closely with you to develop a product that is a direct reflection of the creative vision that is set forth in the design.  The initial phase starts with a site selection from our management team.  Our comprehensive research and direct integration with our clients desires will outline the foundation of the project.  Whether it is working within these parameters or on a site with an existing structure our design experience allow us to foresee realistic possibilities for the project.


The process starts with a organization and mobilization of our team to review the scope of work, budget and timeline that will ensue in the following months.  We work closely to ensure that the appropriate decisions are made on time while offering our expertise to help improve the design or offer potential savings to the budget. We are happy to have direct integration with the owner daily, weekly or monthly base on the needs or our clients.  All of our structures contain only the highest quality materials and include our own standards such as:  Urethane foam at all exterior penetrations, flex wrap at all windows, bitchuthene at pop-outs and parapets, hot water recirculating lines, soft water loops, pre-wire audio visual, R-38 and R-19 batt insulation.


At the completion of the project a walk through is scheduled as well as a reference document that shows the progress of the journey. With the final certificate of occupancy the project is delivered to exceed the expectations of our client.  Although complete, our team is still available for help with your integration and a one year follow up is preformed to ensure everything is working and maintaining properly.


In today's ever changing economical environment it is essential to have a relationship that allows to you feel comfortable with the investment.  We are capable or working with acquisitions through conventional, trustee and short sales and auctions.  Turning these projects into a pro forma development for the short term as well as the long term while influencing the architecture to enhance the valvue.